Think you've seen it all?
Mastered the jigsaw puzzle?

Brace yourself for Whimzzle!
Where jigsaw puzzles take an inception-like twist!

Dive into a captivating puzzle solving experience that challenges you to piece together jigsaw pieces of jigsaw pieces! (of jigsaw pieces of jigsaw pieces...)

Complete pieces to reveal the final image!

Challenge your mind, not your patience!
Start small, build big, and master puzzling puzzles of puzzles!

Whether a leisure puzzler completing intermediate pieces one at a time, or a hardcore enthusiast taking on the entire puzzle box at once - Whimzzle offers an adaptable, unique and engaging jigsaw experience for all puzzlers.

Settle in and relax with music themes to match your mood; puzzle solo, or invite some friends to puzzle together with in multiplayer; challenge yourself or others for the best snapping scores!

So pop open a quick single-piece puzzle, or dump it all on the table - and take a dive into the unique jigsaw puzzling experience of Whimzzle!

(... and yes, you can pet the lupragryph.)

Check out the browser-version of Whimzzle (or on
Or, Download the Windows version for a more stable experience.
   (Mac and additional platforms coming soon)

Early Access (Beta)

This game is currently in a beta-state, with several features still in development. Your support and feedback are invaluable while continuing to develop and refine the game.

Please consider donating to help Whimzzle reach its full potential!


Key Features

Upcoming Features

Known Issues & Bugs

Multiplayer (How-To)

Multiplayer is currently in a very early state with limited functionality and several known issues are slated to be addressed, please be patient as this feature is improved.

In order to participate in multiplayer, the Host must first create the session and then load a full-puzzle, only after which can a Client join.
(Single-piece puzzle in multiplayer is not yet supported)
(Easier multi-player hosting, and 5+ players, is still in development)


  1. Open Settings
  2. Click the Multiplayer tab (far-right icon)
  3. Optional:
    1. Configure multiplayer username and color
      Note: These *can* be changed at any time, even during a multiplayer session.
  4. Click "Start Hosting"
  5. Write down the Join Code to send to others to join the session
    Note: In Desktop version, click to copy. WebGL/Browser cannot auto-copy.
    Warning: Do not have anyone join yet
  6. Click Apply to close the settings panel
  7. Click Alpha Start (if available)
    or: Click Start then select Full Puzzle on the Lupragryph Alpha puzzle
  8. Once the game is fully loaded, then you may send the code for others to connect.


  1. Ensure the host has finished loading the puzzle
  2. Open Settings
  3. Click the Multiplayer tab (far-right icon)
  4. Optional:
    1. Configure multiplayer username and color
      Note: These *can* be changed at any time, even during a multiplayer session.
  5. Enter the Join Code provided by the host
  6. Click "Connect"
  7. Wait for the game to load the puzzle board

What is a Lupragryph?

A lupragryph is a type of gryphon, pronounced: Loop-Raw-Griff
Instead of the traditional lion-bird gryphon, they are a combination of otter, wolf, and buzzard. Their species name combines the Latin terms for the Eurasian Otter (Lutra lutra) and Eurasian Wolf (Canis lupus lupus) to produce 'lupra', followed by the common 'gryph' suffix for gryphons. While not contributing to the name, their avian ancestry comes from the common buzzard (Buteo buteo).

Typically sporting a canine (puppy-like) mentality, watch out for that thick otter tail wagging back and forth!